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12 June 2024  |   By Bronwyn Wyatt

Millpond launches QA / Testing Practice

Millpond announce the launch of Quality Assurance/ Testing practice. We now span all aspects of project guidance and governance, from business case and inception to requirements to management and quality verification.

BA team photo

6 May 2024  |   By Desley Anthony

The Power of Business Analysis: Enhancing Project Management in Todays’ World

Business analysis in project management involves identifying and defining business needs, then developing solutions to meet those needs within a project framework.

New PMI certification - Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects

8 April 2024  |   By Lorena Ibarra

PMI-CP™ – Improved Project Outcomes in the Built Environment

New PMI certification coming your way! Let us introduce you to the Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects (PMI-CP)

12 March 2024  |   By Trinadh Uppalapati

Give yourself the best shot at passing your CAPM, PMP or PMI-ACP exam through online proctoring

With a little bit of preparation, taking your PMI certification exam through online proctoring will be easier than sitting the exam at a physical testing centre.

14 February 2024  |   By Paul Rogers

How do revisions to NZS 3910 impact the management of construction contracts?

Why the updated contract revisions are important, what NZS 3910 is, why the revision were needed, along with what the revisions mean to industry.

9 February 2024  |   By Jan Harrison

Taking your PMI certification exam via online proctoring vs at a testing centre

The advantages and disadvantages of taking your exam via online proctoring vs at a testing centre.

8 January 2024  |   By Jan Harrison

Enhance your knowledge and skills to manage change

Organisational change management (OCM) is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from their current state to a desired future state.

21 December 2023  |   By Rusta Van Wyk

The Critical Role of Post Implementation Reviews (PIRs)

A PIR or post-project review isn’t just a tick-box exercise at the end of a project. It’s a powerful tool for introspection and doing things differently.

14 December 2023  |   By Bronwyn Wyatt

PMP Advantages and Disadvantages

The PMP® Certification is widely considered by many in the project management world to be the premier certification that proves you have the experience and competency, along with best practices in the field of project management.

8 November 2023  |   By Rusta Van Wyk

Portfolio and Project Management as a Service

Gain visibility of all the projects that you have on the go in your organisation, along with the staff involved in the delivery of those projects.

15 October 2023  |   By Michelle Livingstone

The Accidental Project Manager in Technology

Discover the world of accidental project managers in IT. Delve into their challenges and learn how formal training can empower them to excel.

capm vs pmp certification - Training sessions by Millpond

25 September 2023  |   By Bronwyn Wyatt

CAPM vs PMP Certification

Both PMP and CAPM are two very popular certifications offered by the Project Management Institute (, a global advocate for the project management profession.

17 July 2023  |   By Michelle Livingstone

Project Management Fundamentals vs CAPM®: Which is best for you?

If you’re new to project management or have limited experience in the field, Millpond highly recommends two training options that can help you get started and build a strong foundation.

sunset construction

6 June 2023  |   By Paul Rogers

‘Think in Ink’ when managing construction contracts

Find out the answers to frequently asked questions regarding contract management in construction. Aid your knowledge for the PMI-CP course.

Bite with Mike - CAPM changes in 2023

9 February 2023  |   By Lorena Ibarra

Changes to the CAPM® certification exam in 2023

2023 sees some changes to the CAPM® content. Find out what those CAPM changes are and how to prepare for them here with Mike.

change management

19 January 2023  |   By Bronwyn Wyatt

How to avoid problems with your offshore IT development projects

Offshore IT development continues to be a popular option for many organisations undertaking IT projects. It allows scaleable expansion for technical teams, maximising delivery.


17 October 2022  |   By Mike Roberts

Are Poor Governance And Portfolio Management Practices Impacting Your Project Or Programme?

According to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Project governance is an “oversight function that is

3 August 2022  |   By Mike Roberts


Find meaningful answers to all your questions here

11 April 2022  |   By James Dobson

Retaining and upskilling resources in a limited market

Right now, we’re suffering from a shortage of skilled people. It’s a global thing, but it’s really hitting organisations hard in New Zealand.

Result Section Icon 2

21 December 2021  |   By James Dobson

Millpond Achievements 2021

Despite the uncertainty of Covid both in NZ and across the globe, there are many Millpond achievements to look back on.

disconnect to reconnect

20 December 2021  |   By Bronwyn Wyatt

Disconnect to reconnect – Drive project sustainability

Use this Christmas break to disconnect to reconnect. This allows us to come back to the workplace with a fresh new perspective.

Project management certification

16 August 2021  |   By Bronwyn Wyatt

A Project Management Certification – Where’s the value?

Through watching our video, CAPM or PMP aspirants will gain knowledge of the value of a of project management certification.

28 June 2021  |   By Bronwyn Wyatt

Completing Your PMP Exam Application

Completing your PMP exam application shouldn’t be difficult. By applying the advice from our video, you’ll be more easily able to transfer your project experience onto your PMP application form.


17 June 2021  |   By Mike Roberts

Maintaining Your PMP Certification

Well done on becoming a PMP® certified practitioner! Wear your badge with pride as I know it was a big effort to achieve. Because of this effort, we all want to maintain this certification for as long as we can. The good news is that this is relatively painless if you stay engaged in the profession

PMP exam update

23 February 2021  |   By Mike Roberts

The PMP Exam Update 2021

Details of the changes made to the latest version (2021) of the PMP exam. The key changes and further details of what has and has not changed.

12 February 2021  |   By Bronwyn Wyatt

The Millpond Project Manager of the Year Award 2020

Millpond were once again proud to sponsor the 2020 Project Manager of the Year Award, presented at an Awards event in Auckland.

PMI Authorized Training Partner Logo

12 January 2021  |   By Mike Roberts

Millpond becomes a PMI Authorized Training Partner

Millpond has become a PMI Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P). Partnering PMI ensures quality trainers and PMI-developed course content.


3 September 2020  |   By Mike Roberts

10 Tips For Successful Project Delivery

There are many frameworks, methods, and tools published and available to us to help deliver our projects successfully, but these should support our experience as Project Managers, not define it. Experience helps us understand where to focus our time, where issues will lie, and how to best navigate the uncertainty of our projects. I’ve been

Mid-winter Health check

29 July 2020  |   By James Dobson

Mid Winter (Project) Health Check

Give yourself and your project a mid-winter health check using some of these key questions to ensure the symptoms aren’t terminal!

record to date

1 July 2020  |   By James Dobson

2020 – The Record To Date

As June ends and we enter the second half of 2020 it’s time to look back on the past 6 months. Here’s the record to date.

Virtual Online Live Training - VOLT

22 June 2020  |   By Bronwyn Wyatt

What is Virtual Online Live Training (VOLT)?

Watch this video with Mike to learn about Virtual Online Live Training (VOLT), bring the classroom to your home!

online training here to stay

21 May 2020  |   By James Dobson

Online Training Here To Stay

With increased popularity after Covid, we think that the versatility of online training means it is here to stay.

Times they are a changin

7 May 2020  |   By James Dobson

Times They Are A Changin’

As the great Bob Dylan once said “The times they are a changin”. On many levels the last couple of months have been characterised by change.

hosting virtual meetings

5 May 2020  |   By Mike Roberts

Hosting (the best) Virtual Meetings

Hosting virtual meetings can be challenging if not conducted well. Click here for advice on how to best engage with your virtual teams.


5 May 2020  |   By Mike Roberts

Finding Productivity And Balance While Working Remotely

Like most things, working remotely is double edged sword. We can enjoy the good and mitigate the constraints if we know what they are, so let me share my experiences in this space.

Project Management Post pandemic

5 May 2020  |   By James Dobson

Project Management Post Pandemic

The last 4 weeks have been a great time for reflection so come see what we think will be on the cards for project management post pandemic.

24 October 2019  |   By Bronwyn Wyatt

Project Manager of the Year Award 2019

Millpond were once again proud to sponsor the Project Manager of the Year Award 2019, presented at the Project Management Conference.

PMP Certification Changes 2019

4 September 2019  |   By Lorena Ibarra

PMP Certification Changes 2019

In 2019 there will be PMP certification changes rolled out by the Project Management Institute. Learn about these changes here.

9 October 2018  |   By Bronwyn Wyatt

Project Manager of the Year Award 2018

We are proud to announce the winner of the Project Manager of the Year Award 2018. Three very deserving finalists gave us our winner…

get agile certified

15 November 2016  |   By Mike Roberts

Get Agile certified, but which one to choose?

Over the last 10 years, Agile methodologies are increasingly being used by NZ organisations to run IT projects. Get agile certified today!

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