Project Management Post Pandemic

The last 4 weeks has been a great time for reflection. An increase in editorial content from news outlets and lots and lots of traffic on LinkedIn and other social media platforms have yielded some fantastic ideas and aspirational thinking.

For the record, we do not think that 5G is the cause of Covid-19! What we do think though, is that businesses will need to come out the other side of this with an even greater ability to execute revised business strategies. As such, effective project delivery will be even more important. This is where a project management mindset will be of real value to help bring about change in what we do and how we do it.

…a project management mindset will be of real value to help bring about change

Increasingly, one of the paths to recovery being touted is Government spending on large public works schemes. Given that this crisis has been compared to the Great Depression in its magnitude, a comparison to Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930’s, seems appropriate. In New Zealand, initiatives such as a National 5G rollout, renewable energy, roading projects, civil infrastructure programmes and yes, Christchurch’s stadium, have all been mentioned over the past few weeks as ways to get the economy moving again. Few will disagree that big and often ambitious programmes, will be central to any recovery, and again, the ability to execute and deliver these initiatives will be absolutely critical.

At Millpond and Falcon Training, we realise the need to streamline our businesses to ensure we are prepared to play our part in the recovery.

As such, we are merging Falcon Training into Millpond.

This enables us to bring our ‘4 P’s’ to bear across our Delivery, Consulting and Training business lines under the Millpond name;

  • Proven – experienced and capable project managers
  • Process – structure and methodologies that are fit for purpose
  • People – seamlessly integrating with businesses
  • Personalised – services best fitted to businesses

Creating calm and in doing so giving more confidence in successful project outcomes will be an essential ingredient in initially surviving and then, thriving in the post Covid-19 world.

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