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In many organisations the evolution of project, programme and portfolio management capability lags behind the development of other organisational capabilities. Leadership teams are often unaware of this, and so the level of project management maturity, or even the very concept of project management maturity, remains invisible.

There’s a clear link between project management maturity levels and project success. Improving project management maturity can increase satisfaction with project outcomes, raise employee morale and boost productivity, raise quality, and provide a higher return on investment.

Our experienced team will improve your project management capability at an organisational level, by helping you implement project delivery structure, governance, processes, and tools. We equip your organisation and people to get momentum and realise your strategic goals, all backed by an industry standard approach to maturity improvement.

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With over 100 years of collective project experience and a reputation for delivering outcomes, we’ve built a legacy that’s only growing.

Passionate about projects, our people are talented, skilled, and capable professionals, who provide the full range of project management services and training to increase your team’s skills and capabilities to help you achieve your business outcomes.

Some of New Zealand’s largest and most successful organisations partner with us because we offer a unique mix of capabilities, summarised as our ‘Four Ps’:

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Millpond launches QA / Testing Practice

Millpond announce the launch of Quality Assurance/ Testing practice. We now span all aspects of project guidance and governance, from business case and inception to requirements to management and quality verification.

  • Millpond was able to form a strong relationship with TCC stakeholders through the development of this completely bespoke training course.