A Project Management Certification – Where’s the value?

Through watching our video, CAPM or PMP aspirants will gain knowledge of the value of a of project management certification.

Would you like to know the value of having a project management certification?

In this video, Kristie Fogarty, one of our trainers at Millpond, gives you information on:

  • The value of these certifications
  • The CAPM exam and who it’s suitable for
  • The PMP exam and who it’s suitable for
  • Eligibility for CAPM and PMP
  • Exam specific information
  • What our Millpond VOLT and In-Class courses provide
  • Work required outside of class
  • Course fee
  • PMI Exam fee
  • Upcoming class schedule

Watch it here or click down below:

If you would like to know more, all this information is on our website.

Best of luck with your certification and your projects!

The Millpond Training Team

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