The Accidental Project Manager in Technology

Our friends at Canterbury Tech published a Blog we wrote, you can access it here:


This blog post explores the phenomenon of accidental project managers in the technology industry – professionals who find themselves managing projects without formal training or prior experience. These individuals face unique challenges in overseeing technology projects but can bring fresh perspectives, interdisciplinary thinking, resourcefulness, and empathy to their roles.

The post highlights that accidental project managers may lack a formal project management background, leading to gaps in core competencies such as engaging and managing stakeholders, defining project scope, managing project risks, and proficiency in project management methodologies.

Despite these challenges, the blog emphasizes the positive aspects of accidental project managers, such as their ability to approach projects with fresh eyes, bridge gaps between different aspects of the project, demonstrate resourcefulness, and show empathy towards team members.

The importance of continuous learning, adaptation, and seeking mentorship is stressed as essential for the success of accidental project managers in the technology industry. The post concludes by encouraging these professionals to embrace vulnerability, be honest about their knowledge gaps, and leverage available resources to navigate the technology project landscape with confidence and make significant contributions to their organizations.

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