PMI-CP™ – Improved Project Outcomes in the Built Environment

PMI have announced a new certification – PMI-CPTM Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects.

We have brilliant news for those in the construction industry!

PMI has introduced a new specialised certification to help professionals define the gold standard in global construction projects and bring large, complex projects to life. Created by construction professionals for the construction industry, the certification represents the skills and knowledge you need to help build a better tomorrow. So, whether you are looking to validate your extensive experience or learn the latest best practice, if you are in the construction industry then this certification is for you.

There are plenty of opportunities to improve practices, increase efficiencies, and reduce waste in construction, and this certification aims to tackle these opportunities head-on.

For every $1 billion spend on construction projects, $127m is wasted. 70% of projects experience scope creep, 72% are delivered behind schedule, & 73% come in over budget.
– PMI Pulse of the Profession research 2020

By providing insight into the tools, techniques, and methods currently used in construction at a global level, this certification is the perfect way to stay ahead of the game. If you are in the industry and looking to increase your skill set or as an employer looking to upskill your staff, we have all the information you need to tackle this new certification.

What is the PMI-CP in construction?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a global organisation that has now introduced a certification for those in the construction industry. This is the PMI-CP certification.

What is the PMI-CP certification?

The PMI-CP certification is a mid-to-senior level certification that aims to give candidates the knowledge needed to help make the construction industry more efficient and sustainable. Through PMI partnering with world-leading construction experts, the vision is to transform Construction Management on a global scale. The PMI Construction Professional (PMI-CP)™ certification equips people with in-demand skills and amongst other things, bridges the gap between construction project management and industry sustainability.

Key domains covered include:

  • Contracts Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Strategy and Scope Management
  • Project Governance

It has something for Project Managers, Engineers, and Executives, providing a viable route for upskilling key roles and creating a more sustainable future for the industry.

How can I benefit from PMI-CP?

You will receive a certification that has been created by a world-class institution with a strong connection to industry experts, setting the new standard for global construction project management. The certification is a clear commitment to your teams, organisations, and clients that your leaders are equipped to lead, plan, and manage contracts.

  • Individuals gain an independent affirmation of their project management skills in delivering construction projects.
  • Organisations achieve greater efficiency, profitability, and sustainability in projects and in their delivery through the help of this certification.

Who is the PMI-CP certification for?

The PMI-CP certification is suitable for all professionals within the construction industry, for example, for Developers, Contractors and Consultants. This certification is not only for Project Managers but also for others such as Architects, Planners, Engineers and Quality Surveyors.

PMI-CP Key Outcomes

The Key outcomes of the certification are:

  • To improve efficiency
  • To drive more impact
  • To deliver effective projects
  • To embed Sustainability

Where does PMI-CP come in?

Is PMI-CP worth it?

The PMI-CP certification is relevant to those who work in the construction industry, as it shows you have the skills and experience as a project manager in the construction industry. Completing the certification will be a rewarding step in your construction management career.

Millpond is pleased to announce a course offering to help you prepare for PMI-CPTM

We have a PMI Construction Professional (PMI-CP)™ certified industry practitioner with local expertise who will be delivering this training.

Details for this training are still being finalised and we will have more details for you soon, with an expected launch date of July 2024. In the meantime, take a look at the following information or check out our PMI-CP Course.

New PMI certification - PMI-CP

You will need at least 3 years of experience in the construction/built environment field. You will also need to complete specialised education, focused on the construction industry. Millpond’s course will cover this requirement.

Exam Content and Format:

For more details on the four domains mention above, we encourage you to review the PMI-CP Exam Content Outline (ECO) PDF. The ECO is used as the basis for course content and exam questions.

The core elements of PMI-CP cover:

  • Lean Ways of Working – The use of the lean construction principle.
  • An Agile/Data Driven Approach – The breaking down of plans into smaller and more manageable pieces before progressively elaborating them as they approach execution.
  • Using Technology to aid project delivery – Propelling construction professionals into a higher degree of adoption and way in which they utilize information system capabilities.

PMI-CP courses:

  • Built Environment Project Communication Pro – (Course and Micro-Credential)
  • Scope and Change Order Management in the ​Built Environment
  • Interface Management in the Built Environment
  • Built Environment Technology and Innovation Pro – (Course and Micro-Credential)
  • Built Environment Performance and Materials Management Pro – (Course and Micro-Credential)
  • Contract and Risk Management in the ​Built Environment
  • Execution Planning in the ​Built Environment

The above courses can be completed in any order, however, to apply for the PMI-CP certification exam, successful competition of all 7 and earning of the 3-micro credentials is required, as well as 3+ years of industry experience.

Here you can view a pdf of the PMI-CP Program Structure which shows the breakdown of each course.

The exam will contain 170 multiple choice questions over 230 minutes.

To receive your PMI-CP™ certification you must pass the PMI-CP™ capstone exam.

How do I retain this qualification once I have it?

PMI-CP is valid for a 3-year cycle and requires 30 Professional Development Units (PDU’s) per cycle to renew. Find out more about how to gain PDU’s here.

What is the difference between PMP and PMI-CP?

PMI’s PMP certification is industry agnostic and covers a wide range of project management knowledge, skills, and techniques. PMI-CP is sector specific, targeting the Construction/Build environment industry. One does not replace the other, and many practitioners we are talking to are choosing to supplement their PMP with PMI-CP, not replace it.

Help transform the construction industry. Contact us for more information regarding the PMI-CP.

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