Online Training Here To Stay

As we start to see some green shoots of recovery over the coming months the big question for training professionals is whether the increase in online/virtual training demand will continue or whether people will go back to more traditional means. Online/virtual training is not a ‘one size fits all’ or a clear replacement for face to face training, but I think we can say with confidence, that recent experience definitely enhanced the popularity and utility of online learning. There is little doubt that online training is seen as a better option than it was 2 months ago, and is here to stay.

Online training is seen as a better option than it was 2 months ago

I’ve always believed there was a place for Online/virtual professional development. Our VOLT (Virtual Online PMP and CAPM Training) offering has been popular for PMINZ members since its inception several years ago. LinkedIn Learning’s 4th Annual Workplace Learning Report recently reported that 57% of L&D professionals were planning on increasing spend on online learning. This report is pre Covid, so I would expect to see much higher number now.

Social distancing, travel and budgetary restrictions paired with peoples need to reskill or upskill will make this type of training indispensable. This has recently been proven by one of our clients who had a number of classroom training sessions booked prior to the lockdown. Initial conversations focused on when we could reschedule these courses once things were ‘back to normal’. The conversation is now focused on running the same training remotely. Their experience during lockdown has increased their confidence that using technology is not only feasible in this case, but preferable!

Our Lockdown offering (e.g. Managing Your Project Portfolio) is proof that shorter, ‘bite size’ courses are not only an alternative, but in many cases preferable. Take a look at our online, on demand or face to face offerings and decide which option you prefer, or drop us a line if you’d like to know more.

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