Millpond provides the complete suite of professional Project Management, from consulting and delivery to training and assessments. Our clients are predominantly medium to large organisations across Australasia across multiple sectors including Local / Regional Government, Agribusiness, Transport and Logistics, Utilities, Education and many more.

Millpond provides a wide range of experienced project delivery personnel to help achieve the business outcomes our clients seek when a strategy is set, and key projects need to be executed.

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Millpond improves client project management maturity through consulting to create appropriate structure around project delivery, governance, process, tools and equipping organisations to get momentum and realise their goals.

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Millpond’s training service equips organisations and individuals with the skills needed to achieve project outcomes, through either bespoke, public or certification focused training.

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“Introducing Millpond into our organisation is about creating calm across our project portfolio, so we can get momentum and realise our goals”

(Based on 2020 customer research project)

Our clients



Banking and Finance


Civil Engineering and Construction


Transport and Logistics


IT / Professional Services

Local / Regional Government

Government Agencies