Millpond Tasked With Enhancing BHP’s Global Talent


BHP produce essential commodities through their assets, including iron ore, copper, nickel, potash and metallurgical coal. BHP products are essential for global economic growth and with a strong foundation of safety and performance, BHP are focused on the essential commodities the world needs to decarbonise and sustainably develop.

Millpond are excited to secure a major international capability program contract with global mining leader BHP. Tendering against larger organisations, Millpond has highlighted the potential for local businesses to compete on the world stage – and bolster the local economy in the process.

The capability program will enhance skills and knowledge at BHP sites across Australia and the Americas, in areas such as strategic acumen, portfolio management, and project leadership. The goal is to maximise performance across their portfolios.

“We are thrilled and humbled to have been chosen by BHP to lead this crucial capability program,” says Mike Roberts, Training Practice Lead and Director at Millpond. “We believe that our approach, focus on quality, and commitment to building long-term partnerships have been key factors in this success.”

The significance and impact of Millpond securing the BHP contract extends beyond the walls of the two organisations. Having successfully bid against larger competitors, Millpond has proven that agility and resilience can see local businesses punch above their weight globally.

“Our success in securing this tender proves that smaller companies can compete on a world stage and deliver exceptional results,” Roberts adds.

With the program launch in September 2023, Millpond has begun the program design phase, and is determined to make a lasting impact on BHP staff and projects.


Our Approach

The Millpond team has developed an entirely bespoke Capability Program to establish and develop the critical capabilities required to meet future demands of BHP’s growth portfolio.

Millpond will work through the following  four-step process, as we develop and deliver this custom training for BHP.

4-step process for BHP

Capability Areas

The Capability Program aims to enhance the skills, knowledge, and abilities of individuals/teams within BHP. The specific content and components of this program revolve around four critical capability areas;

The development of the program will be in conjunction with BHP to ensure alignment of expectations and to ensure the content is developed in a way which adopts, compliments and reflects BHP’s existing systems, processes, frameworks, and knowledge.

BHP Critical Capabilities


Result Section Icon 1

Have greater, measured capability in the project, program and portfolio management and governance domains

Result Section Icon 2

Maintain staff retention through an investment in professional development and growth

Result Section Icon 3

Establish and develop the critical capabilities required to meet future demands of BHP’s growth portfolio


To meet future demands of BHP’s growth portfolio, an entirely bespoke capability program has been developed which will enhance the skills and knowledge at BHP sites across Australia and the Americas, in four critical capability areas; strategic acumen, portfolio management, risk-based decision making and project leadership.

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