Project Management Consulting

Millpond has a range of consulting products and services, delivered by our experienced team.  These are designed to improve project management capability at an organisational level, by implementing appropriate structure around project delivery, governance, process, tools and equipping organisations to get momentum and realise strategic goals. 

“Millpond helps us achieve the business outcomes we seek. With Millpond improving our project management maturity, our key projects run better and are more likely to succeed.”

(Based on 2020 customer research project)

Project Delivery Maturity

In many organisations the evolution of project, programme and portfolio management capability lags behind the development of other capabilities within the company. Given that companies and leadership teams are often unaware of this, the level of project management maturity, or even the very concept of project management maturity, remains invisible.

The results of low levels of maturity are however very real, and manifests itself at all levels of the organisation – from failure to meet strategic goals, a frustrated and overloaded workforce, high project failure rates, and a lack of benefits realisation.

The Millpond Approach to Project Maturity

Millpond has a unique set of consulting products that can assist your organisation to improve capability and maturity in this area, all backed by industry standard approach to maturity improvement.

Consulting Products and Services

  • Addressing P3M3 audit gaps
  • Gap analysis
  • Implement and configure Project Management tools
  • Maturity roadmap development
  • Organisation Project Maturity Assessment
  • Project Governance Charter Establishment
  • Project Portfolio Analysis
  • Project resourcing strategy consulting
  • Project Skills assessment and benchmarking
  • Project, programme and portfolio reporting

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