Henry AlvisIntern

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  • Problem Solving
  • Customer Service
  • Teamwork
  • Practical
  • Volunteer
Industry Experience

Holiday jobs:

  • Furniture Relocator
  • Building Maintenance & support
  • Activity Coordinator
  • Safety
  • UC Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Finance (in progress)

Henry is a second-year student at Canterbury University studying toward a Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Finance. Henry is known for being a friendly, confident person who works hard and continually seeks to learn new things while gaining further experience. Alongside his Finance studies, he has completed some courses in mechanical engineering and brings that analytical, and problem-solving mindset to his work.

Henry is a friendly and confident person yet hardworking and is constantly searching to learn new things and gain further experience.


Surprise fact

Henry plays Ultimate frisbee as part of the university club in his spare time and is an avid skier/snowboarder. He also enjoys taking his camera out and exploring the city and learning amateur photography


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